Personal Training

Personal Training comes down to finding what works for you, what’s most effective, achievable, and what delivers the results you strive for. Personal Training is the best way to find a programme that you’re going to enjoy, and therefore something you’ll stick with and succeed with.

Personal Training sessions are available with Will in a fully equipped training studio – or outside if the sun’s shining!

Most people have either one or two sessions a week, on a one-to-one basis or with a training partner. But a programme can be arranged to suit you, or a simple one-off session to get you started.

If you want to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle give Will a call.

Cost: £22 per session or £11 each for pairs

Payable in 5 or 10 session blocks

“With exercise and healthy eating I think everyone struggles to keep up with it the whole time, I know I do. Having a personal trainer will help you stay motivated, give you fresh ideas, and give you the encouragement to push to new heights. I’ve seen people make huge progress in their health and fitness, all it takes is that initial decision to change, to get back on track, to achieve a goal. So get on board, join the team, I’ll see you in the gym.”


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