Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage:

A great way to relax, unwind, and restore that healthy glow. A relaxation massage promotes better circulation and helps to ease tension that builds up within the muscles. You could have a half hour massage for your back, neck and shoulders or go for the full body massage which usually takes about an hour. Sessions take place at Sandaig or home visits are available so you can stay relaxed after your massage has finished.
30mins        £20
1hr                £35

Please add £5 for a home visit.

Sports Massage:

Sports Massage focuses more on relieving specific points of tension, or restoring muscles and tendons to their normal length and elasticity. This is great if you know you have a problem area, or if you have muscular tightness from a previous injury.
45mins        £30

Massage Therapist Will Wright – qualified level 3 Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist. Please contact Will to arrange a session.

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