10k & Half Marathon Course


The 10km course: It starts on the beach, with hard packed sand and a wide open landscape, the fist km has a uniqueness of it’s own. After this, the course then follows the road to Hynish and back, returning past Island House before going back onto the beach for the finish. It’s a stunning course with amazing views out to sea and distant islands. There’s no hills and the road is twisty and undulating to keep things interesting.

The Half Marathon course: Starting at the same time as the 10k, it follows the same course for the first 6km to Hynish and back. But at the Balinoe junction the runners will take a left turn and head up to Heylipol Church. The course then follows the road West through Barrapol, Sandaig and Kilkenneth. This is a lovely part of the course, with views out to the Atlantic where there’s no further land until Canada! Turing right onto a gravel track you’re led over to the Moss road. From here it’s back to Heylipol Church, left past Chocolates & Charms, past Island House, and onto the beach for the finish. It’s a course with a few ups and downs in the second half but nothing too taxing. There’s plenty of variety and good views to keep you distracted!

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