5km trial: Compulsory Training

So, it’s coming up to the end of the month. As agreed that means it’s time for the 5km trial. You can run, jog, walk or a mixture of all three. Nothing else counts; no bikes, horses, cars, piggy backs. This is a good workout and is a great measure of fitness for anyone training for the Tiree 10k.

The route is as follows: Crossapol, start at the cattlegrid near the garage. Go along the reef to the surgery junction where you turn around and come back to finish at the cattle grid where you started. This is compulsory for all gym clients and it’s got to be done by next friday (3rd Feb). Let me know your time so we have something to compare when we do the same again next month.

There will be a group doing the 5kms tomorrow (Saturday) at 4pm so come along if you can. If you cant make it, do it in your own time and let me know how you get on.

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