Back to the UK winter

Mallorca is now a hazy memory of sun, warmth, training, eating, showering, training, eating……. a recent comment about the odd sense of relaxation amid such a full schedule made me realise again just how liberating a training camp is. Most people seem to worry that they’re not fit enough, or how they will hold others back, or simply that they wont be able to keep up with the volume of training. But once into the programme, and with all the regular stresses of day to day life left at home, the simple schedule of doing some exercise and then recovering and refuelling before doing some more is indeed quite relaxing. There’s not much else to worry about; the food is provided, the dishes are done, it’s decided what we’re doing for lunch, just get your trainers on and get on with it.

We’ve had a range of abilities in Mallorca as well as on Tiree. I think this helps bring out the best in the whole group as it just highlights that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and that everyone is on a journey to get the best from themselves. There’s a lot that we try and give as instructors, but this is usually matched by what the group brings itself, and we’ve found after each camp that people have taken away tips or inspiration or ideas from others in the group. This process is one of the most encouraging things about setting up these training camps.P1000061

So it’s now back in the UK and trying to translate that inspiration found in Mallorca into some sustainable training programme that keeps in balance everything else we have in our lives. Learning how to do this is an ongoing challenge to be embraced, and the more honest you are about your aspirations the more likely you are to find a way to achieve them. Our next training camp is on Tiree in March which I’m really excited about. Tiree has a uniqueness that can be captured so well through being out and training in it. The weather recently has been wild and that special something is not lost, and then this morning was glorious sunshine which lays bare just how beautiful this island is.

So looking forward to training through the winter and at the camp in March, and then all gather for the 10k & Half Marathon in May for a fantastic weekend.

Until then, Happy Training!

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