Cycling on Tiree

Tiree is about 10 miles long and 6 miles across. It’s got pleasant single track roads all around the island and it’s predominantly flat. The closest you will get to a traffic jam is being stuck behind some cows. So it makes for quite good cycling. In fact the bike is the best way to take in the island. You can breathe the fresh sea air and take in the stunning views across the island and out to sea. Your bike will be safe wherever you leave it and most other road users are very considerate. Tiree Fitness has a range of bikes to hire and a service centre to make sure that your adventures around Tiree are as enjoyable as possible.

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A few notes about safety:

While you’re cycling on Tiree please be extra cautious on the single track roads and be courteous to other road users. Always pull in to the left to let cars by. Tiree is a great place to cycle and on the bike is the best way to see the island. With a bit of common sense all road users should be able to get along happily.

And a quick note about helmets: Tiree is known for being a safe place, the roads are quiet and your bike is not going to get stolen. However, the roads do suffer from pot holes, gravel and sand. There are soft verges with ditches and we do have large vehicles using the roads so at times you will have to pull off the road. Even if you plan on dawdling around Tiree at a snails pace you should ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. If you want convincing just go into the doctors surgery where you will see displayed the remains of a helmet after an incident involving a cyclist and an empty stretch of road. Accidents happen. Protect your head.

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