The bikes

Tiree Fitness has a range of bikes to ensure you get a bike that is the correct size and most appropriate for your needs. You can chose from the range below:

Kona Mountain Bike: These are the most popular type of bike. They are light weight with good quality components and the most versatile bike for getting round Tiree. Front suspension makes the bumpy roads more manageable and allow plenty of scope for going off road. Sizes go from 14″ – 19″ and have a quick release seat clamp so you can fine tune saddle height without tools.

We also have kids mountain bikes available built to a similar standard – lightweight, plenty of gears, great for kids from 6-12yrs.

Kona Africa Bike: These were originally designed for aid workers in Africa but their versatility and comfort have made them popular elsewhere. The position is more upright, it’s comfortable, there’s a basket on the front and the 3-gear system makes it really simple to use. The rear brake is operated by pedaling backwards, strange at first but you will get used to it! These bikes are 1-size-fits-all and are great for people who want to explore Tiree at a more recreational pace.

Tandem: Tiree’s only tandem lets you explore the island with twice the horsepower, great if there is a head wind.

Kids Bikes, tag-along and Child Seat: Bikes for all the family. High quality bikes so the kids are happy. If you’re not sure what bike is appropriate just give me a call or drop me an email.

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