Boot Camp

It’s time for a challenge, and last minute challenges are always the best! Tomorrow instead of the usual Boot Camp there will be instead the opportunity to take part in the Boot Camp Challenge; a little bit of cross training to get you out of your comfort zones. You have 48 hours to do the challenge, i.e. Saturday and Sunday and it’s really simple: 3 PEAKS – that’s Ben Hynish, Kenovara, Beinn Hough.

Earn BRONZE for doing one of Tiree’s hills

Earn SILVER for doing two of them

Or grab a GOLD for getting to the top of all 3 hills

The weather forecast looks good so get out there and enjoy the views. By Sunday night I want to know what you managed and I’ll put your efforts on the website. Here’s a few ideas for some extra points:

  • Walk, cycle or run the distance in between the hills
  • Do them all in the same day
  • Take a camping stove and make a cup of tea at the summit
  • Do one of the hills at night (full moon this weekend so if it’s clear skies there will be lots of light)
  • A one minute plank at the top of every hill or anything else equally ridiculous

Good luck team Boot Camp!! I look forward to hearing what you do.

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