Challenge 2016

With events on Tiree coming up, everyone seems to be training for something at the moment. Happy days! A bit of sunshine on the shores certainly helps set the enthusiasm high. What’s your big challenge for 2016? I know people doing the 10k for the first time here, we’ve got runners going for their first ultra later in the year, and we’ve got new gym recruits getting stronger and fitter every week.

Vowing never to do another ironman, my race plans for this year include:

Challenge Galway: 26th June, iron distance triathlon

The Outlaw: 24th July, iron distance triathlon, so much for never doing this again!

Glen Coe Skyline: 18th September, ultra running meets mountaineering in one big adventure

Plus Aviemore, Aberfeldy, and maybe a late season marathon somewhere, 2016 is shaping up to be the most challenging yet. But whatever happens, the training is fun, and fresh air is abundant on Tiree, so loving it at the moment.

Happy Training everyone. See you on the start line somewhere soon.

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