Challenge Success

Just after 9am on Saturday I received a picture message – Claire and Jackie at the summit of Ben Hynish, performing Lunges, in the early morning sunshine. Photo taken by Myra. Fantastic, well done.

Ann Kavanagh – 3 summits, cycling in between, all done in 2 hrs. GOLD Medal for you! In fact you get PLATINUM!

Joe Kavanagh – ran and cycled round all three hills. Top marks to you.

Fiona and Ian MacLeod – triple summits and Fiona even did Beinn Hough twice!

Steph Tanner – all three summits completed, and the only person to run the whole lot. Great effort Steph. Total time was 1hr49 and that’s starting at Hynish and finishing at Balevullin, impressive performance.

Jayne, Cameron and Ella – Three peaks completed and bonus prize for youngest mountaineer! Well done.

Anybody else?

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