Final Round of the Tiree Triathlon

What started up as a fun event with loads of people taking part in the sun drenched calm waters of loch Bhasapol during the summer holidays ended yesterday; in strong winds, cold water and a definite thinning down of competitor numbers. In fact only 4 brave triathletes decided that their Saturday afternoon should be spent battling against the elements. Faking a knee injury even I managed to stay dry and “do the timings”. So well done everyone who took part and made it round the course. Consider yourselves Tiree’s elite! Here’s your times:

Name Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Anne 00:18:31 00:03:14 00:20:21 00:00:26 00:16:23 00:58:55
Joe 00:18:26 00:01:42 00:20:39 00:00:30 00:17:38 00:58:55
Clare 00:13:27 00:03:45 00:22:27 00:01:10 00:14:54 00:55:43
Robert 00:14:36 00:03:25 00:26:03 00:00:40 00:16:14 01:00:58

That just leaves Joe and I to go to Eyemouth at the end of the month and then it’s into winter training. Boot Camp will return so any ideas or suggestions let me know.

Thanks for coming along and doing the first Tiree Triathlon series!

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