Fitness Blitz Begins

The Fitness Blitz hits Tiree!! We’ve got a small gym, no bigger than a garage, but it’s set up as a training studio with bike, rower, free weights, punch bag, some floor space and a bunch of other toys; and for the next 6 weeks its going to become home to a shed load of burnt calories. The blitz begins.

Week 1:

Loads of people through the gym doors this week, enthusiasm high, initial scores on the board, it’s been a great start. The focus has been on setting the bar, getting off to a strong start, and developing a theme to build on in the coming weeks. So far the plan involves:

  • Tabata Intervals: 12 x 40 second rounds with scores on the board for each of the step-up intervals
  • Supersets: Picking two effective exercises and working them back to back. Perfect form from the off
  • Mini-Circuit: Finish the workout with a round of quick fire tummy toners to get that mid section firm and strong

Everyone’s got a plan for the week, together with a healthy eating target, and then it’s on to week two for the next round. In 6 weeks time we’re going to be looking back at a block of solid work, and enjoying feeling stronger, fitter and in great shape going into the rest of the year. It’s not too late to sign up, but do it now, as tomorrow the Blitz continues…


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