Fitness Classes

We run classes throughout the year for local residents and visitors. Group classes are a great way to get active and meet new people. Don’t worry if you are new to exercise or have never been to a class before, all ages and abilities are welcome.

What’s happening now:

ZOOM WORKOUTS – Monday to Friday – 30mins – It’s a tough session but a great way to get a workout without taking up your whole day! Drop me an email to find out more.

All Classes below are currently cancelled.

Circuits: Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm An Talla

All welcome, it’s a class that works for all abilities and is guaranteed to get you in shape. You’ll be working your way around a circuit of exercises to work the whole body, and at each station you’ll have a range of options to suit your fitness level. Expect to do 3 complete circuits plus some bonus fitness burners through the 1hr class.

Legs Bums Tums: Thursdays 6pm – 7pm An Talla

This is the one that burns! It’s super effective at toning and blitzing calories. It’s high intensity but the level you work at is your choice, so don’t be scared if you’ve not worked out for a while, easy options will be there and just work up to the harder options as your confidence and fitness increases.

Both classes start at 6pm so if you arrive a few minutes before to get signed in and ready that would be great. If you’re running a bit late dont worry, just come on in and join the class 🙂

Gym Sessions:  book in for some  Personal Training sessions at Tiree’s gym at Sandaig, or we do private membership at £15 per month

Pilates: Classes happening each week with Bella throughout the year. Contact us to join the mailing list to find out more

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