Fitness Training comes down to finding what works for you, what’s most effective, achievable, and what you’re ultimately going to enjoy doing. Using advances in training knowledge and experience Tiree Fitness can help you find the programme that’s going to get you the fitness gains you’re looking for.

THE GYM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED: Until further notice. The equipment is now being used, like most home gym equipment, for hanging laundry on! Just kidding, I’m in the gym working out, but it’s closed for visitors until things settle down. Hopefully that’s not too long, so stay active in all the ways you can. Stay safe. Look after each other and I’ll see you back on the bench sometime soon.

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE: Although we’re closed now, get in touch and we can put together a voucher just for you. Set yourself something to aim for in the future. Ideal for yourself, or someone you know who loves Tiree.

Personal Training: sessions are available with Will in a fully equipped training studio or outside if the sun’s shining

Cost: £22 per session or £11 each for pairs. Payable in 5 or 10 session blocks

Gym Membership: We also offer a private gym membership for £15 per month which gives you unlimited access to the gym. Open to local residents and visitors.

If you want to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle give Will a call using the details at the bottom of this page.

“With exercise and healthy eating I think everyone struggles to keep up with it the whole time, I know I do. Having a personal trainer will help you stay motivated, give you fresh ideas, and give you the encouragement to push to new heights. I’ve seen people make huge progress in their health and fitness, all it takes is that initial decision to change, to get back on track, to achieve a goal. So get on board, join the team, and I’ll see you in the gym!”

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