He saw, he trained, he conquered

This is Joe Kav about to descend back down the twists and turns that have led him to the summit of Ben Hynish. Ok so it’s not a huge hill – 141m from sea level. But the gradient is severe, it’s never an easy climb. We came up here a few months back and Joe barely made it half way. A few years ago and he wouldn’t even have walked up. But today the Kavster pitched up on his road bike geared for climbing and set off to conquer the beast in one go. No stopping. No pushing. Just pedalling. Well I’ve never heard Joe so quiet! Barely a word came out as he scaled the dizzy heights. But stop he did not. The cattle grid at the top was crossed and he was victorious. Great effort mate. You did well today and you’re looking strong. The training is working. The 2013 sportive season wont know what hit it! Everyone else take note – Joe worked hard and nailed it. You get out what you put in. Are you training?

Dec 2, 2012 | Posted by in Blog, Tiree, Training | Comments Off on He saw, he trained, he conquered
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