How to enter the Tiree Ultramarathon

Entry for 2021 will re-open on Sunday 6th September at 7pm

Thanks to everyone who signed up for this years event. Back in October we reached capacity within 24hrs, so it’s great to see you all on the start list. With 2020 being cancelled we’ve deferred entry to 2021, and additional places will open in September.

The links below will then show as open.

Next round of entries opens: Sunday 6th September at 7pm

There’s no waiting list, so just be quick off the mark once entry re-opens. Good luck everyone, we hope to see you on the start list!

Enter via Entry Central

Updates for 2021:

Before you sign up – here’s some admin updates to expect on the entry form

  • Tech T-Shirts – you’ll have the option to opt-out of getting a T-shirt with a £5 reduction to your entry fee. We know you love T-Shirts, but for those who have a drawer full already and don’t want another you’ll now have the option to opt-out
  • Booking Protect – you’ll also get the option to purchase additional insurance to give you a full refund should you have to cancel due to unforeseen reasons including travel disruption
  • Publish Results – remember to tick the box to give permission to publish your results and show event photos
  • Refund policy – you’ll have to tick a box during sign-up to show you agree to the refund policy, so it’s worth checking that out in advance, it’s on this page a bit lower down

All these things are aimed at giving you a better experience, so apologies if it sounds like a lot of red tape!

We hope to see you on the start list!

Cancellations & Transfers

We know that circumstances can change, and things come up which mean even the best intentions are thwarted. Our refund policy is copied below which we’ve tried to make as fair as we can whilst allowing us to keep entry prices low and still run an island event effectively.  

Cancellation within 24hrs of entering: Full refund (less Entry Central admin fee) – just in case you wake up the next day thinking what have I done!!  

Cancellations after 24hrs of entering: See table below.  

Booking Protect: You will be given the option during sign-up to purchase additional insurance in case you have to cancel and are not entitled to a refund under the policy below.    

Tiree Ultra Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to 15th December£25 refund
Cancellations from 15th December to 31st March£15 refund
Cancellations from 1st April to 31st JulyTransfers only (less £5 admin fee)
Cancellations after 31st JulyNo refunds, transfers or deferals

Agreement to these terms is part of the sign up process so in the interests of fairness please don’t ask us to make exceptions to these rules.    

Waiting lists and Transfers: After 31st March we will open a waiting list for the purpose of processing any transfer requests. This will be closed at the end of June at which point our start lists are finalised and there are no more changes allowed.

Whilst this sounds like a lot of rules, it’s there for your own clarity, and also so that was can manage an event fairly and be able to make effective planning decisions and therefore keep entry fees low.

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