If you’ve not heard already there is a new addition to the Tiree Fitness Team; baby Maurice was born on 1st December in the Borders General Hospital after 23hrs of labour, Becky was AMAZING! Mum and baby are doing fine and we are home on Tiree and planning on staying here throughout Christmas and New Year.

Anyway, as there are only 2 weeks left before Christmas I’ve decided not to do gym sessions but rather to kick start things again in the New Year. But that noes NOT mean you can sit back and relax for a few weeks. The Challenge is on for you to bring your fitness to the next level by being imaginative with your workouts, being determined if the weather is bad, and being committed to staying active and staying healthy. I’m looking for success stories of what training you are doing, inspirational stories of how you have kept fit, and I will look forward to seeing the results when I see you in the gym in 2011.

So, get out there, strut your stuff, and drop me an email or text and I’ll post it on the website. Don’t let me down! Don’t let Maurice down!

Note: Watch this space for a special Christmas exercise class at the hall. More details to follow. Any ideas welcome.

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