New Year Slimmers

Coming soon – an 8 week programme to help you reach your New Year goals. Slimmers is about achieving the body shape you want, feeling great, and feeling strong and in control of your lifestyle.

  • 8 week programme
  • Weekly class to motivate and inspire you
  • Weekly weigh in (optional and always confidential)
  • Clean it up and cut it out with the Eat Clean Challenge
  • Workout of the Week to do at home

This is a class for anyone serious about getting in shape.

There’s limited space so sign up early – message us to join the team.

Classes start Tuesday 17th January 6pm at An Talla

What to expect: At the weekly class you’ll set your goals, do your health check, update your progress record, learn the new workout, and get your regular Eat Clean fix.

What is costs: The 8 week programme costs £35 and includes all 8 classes, plus the programme to keep you going through the rest of the week.

What if I’m not fit enough: Rubbish! This is for everyone, so however long it’s been, however out of shape you feel – this will get you feeling better and well on the way to the shape and fitness you want.

Bring a buddy: We recommend you partner up with a Slimmers Buddy to help keep you on track. The more accountable you are, the more likely you are to stick with it. No worries if you cant find anyone, it’s there as an option.

Doing overtime: If you still want more, sign up for some gym sessions or come to Circuits on Thursday nights. You reap what you sow, so give it 100% and the rewards will come.

What do do next: Message us to get on board.

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