Race report from the West End Runners

Runners and supporters from Tiree took the one hour Calmac inter-island trip to the Coll Half Marathon on 17th August.

Neve, Rory and Sophie flew the flag for Team Tiree in the juniors 1km sprint from the pier to An Cridhe whilst five of the West End Runners started at Ballyhough for the 10km race.

Not to be thwarted by the hills and horizontal rain Jo and Beatrice steamed across the finish line together, earning them 9th place in the Ladies race with Anne and Hannah not far behind.  They didn’t have to wait too long for Clare to finish so everyone could escape the weather inside and receive running vests, homemade tablet and medals.  Then it was back outside to cheer in Hannah’s friend Rosie finishing the half marathon.

A few hours later it was onto the dance floor for a fantastic evening led by Trail West.  More sensible grown-ups were probably put off by the lack of proper beds and 44mph winds but their absence helped Jo and Clare to third and second place in their age groups – small compensation for reaching Veteran and Super Vet status!

Photos are available here

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