Racing and training update

After training throughout the winter on Tiree it’s good to get a few races done early in the season. I raced the British Championships earlier this month and despite struggling to hold the pace on the swim I managed to bike and run fairly well to finish 8th overall. The Scottish Sprint Championships were last weekend. I’m racing in Milton Keynes at another British Championship event at the start of July before heading out to Spain with Team GB for the World Championships on 29th July.

The racing in Spain is going to be tough, not only will the conditions add an extra challenge but the intensity and pace of racing at that standard is so high it will be difficult not to go out too fast and blow up before the finish. On the plus side, I’ve done all my training on Tiree so perhaps I’m more used to riding in difficult conditions – this winter was particularly challenging with the weather we’ve had. There were days when just staying upright on the bike was a struggle. However, I’ve found people here on Tiree to be very supportive which has helped me keep going throughout the year and go into this race season fired up and ready to give it everything I can. I’m up against people that train full time and have access to a pool, sports clubs, coaching and club support. I want to see if it’s possible to be competitive without any of that, training on Tiree enjoying the natural landscape and facilities that this place can offer and the support from people in the community.

I’m just back from visiting schools in and around Oban delivering triathlon workshops. The aim was to inspire participation in sport and to help pupils engage with the Olympics and the local opportunities in their area. I found it really encouraging to see how schools have got on board with the Olympics theme and how sport and physical activity becomes ingrained into the school life. I delivered sessions like this on Tiree first which gave me the confidence to go round schools on the mainland.

The next race is the British Middle Distance Triathlon Championships on 8th July, comprising of 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run.

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