Racing for Team GB!

Well here’s some news for you – last Friday I got a message from the British Triathlon Federation saying that I’d qualified for the European Triathlon Championships which are in Finland in August! That means racing for team GB and I’ll be in the 30 – 34 age group. All those laps round Tiree must have done the trick! Qualification was based on last seasons results so I don’t need to do any other selection races though I’ll probably do some events in the UK as training.

I’m really pleased with this and feel totally up for it. Having slimmed down some of my work commitments I’ve made time to train without cutting into family time so I feel like I should really go for it this year.

Although the team is supported by their governing body there’s no sponsorship as such so I’ll be paying my own way, which looks pretty expensive when it comes to racing abroad. If anyone has any ideas for getting sponsorship or has any contacts I’d really appreciate your advice. There cant be many triathletes doing the Long Distance Championships who live on islands 10 miles long and with no swimming pool!

So the next few months will be all out training with my first UK event at the end of May. I hope everyone is up for training hard towards their goals and that 2011 will be a record breaking year for everyone!

Happy Training

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