Racing plans for this year

It’s almost the end of April and I’ve not done a single race this year. Running circles around Tiree is about as close as it’s got. The training camps we held in March occupied a fair bit of time and energy and I wouldn’t change that for a moment, but it’s definitely time to find a start line and get the race shoes on.

So, the A-list events this year are going to be: Edinburgh Marathon – 26th May, a chance to set a pb for my first marathon done outside of a triathlon. Then at the end of July it’s Challenge Vitoria, ironman distance triathlon in the Basque Country, hoping to set an ironman pb under 9hrs, but hoping is one thing, doing it is going to hurt! And then another long triathlon in September at Challenge Henley, my brother is doing this event as well and it’s a rare occasion we get to be on the same start line, so looking forward to that.

There’s other events in between but that pretty much maps out the season. We’ve got another training camp in Mallorca in October and some summertime coaching on Tiree during the holidays. I’m pleased to be racing and training all year in my Scott shoes and running kit, it’s been great having support from a top notch brand and it’s inspired the way I run. I’m looking forward to racing this year and developing the training camps and coaching that we’ve established. If you see me at any races or events come over and say hello. And all the best for the rest of the season!


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