Running with Scott

For the last 12 years I’ve always used the same running shoe brand, and I’ve had some good races in them. No need to change. And then some Scott T2C running shoes landed on my desk. I’m familiar with the Scott bike range but never really looked into their running kit. So after a bit of web browsing I actually got quite enthusiastic about trying these shoes out. Scott make some really smart looking kit, and certainly the shoes in front of me looked plush and super high quality. The full range can be seen at Scott Running.

I’ve now run in them for three months and thought I’d report back on how it was to run with Scott.

This is a shoe that’s comfortable, lightweight, and feels cozy on the foot. Translated into running it means the ride is forgiving and running on the road feels less harsh on the joints. This was probably exaggerated for me as I’m used to running in racing flats. It felt like I could clock up road mileage without too much risk of injury.

One of the features of this shoe is the rocker profile; this gives more support through the midpoint of your stride. The running motion feels rolling and well cushioned which was strange to begin with but very quickly I got used to it and it added to the sense of being forgiving and fluid.

Three months in and the T2C has become my all-rounder shoe; wet, dry, road, trail. When it gets round to race season I will probably switch back to racing flats and for full on trail/hill I’d look at a dedicated shoe. But for everything in between the T2C ticks a lot of boxes. There’s probably an equivalent in every brand but now having used Scott I’m really impressed and look forward to seeing how the performance extends through the range.

I’ve always found with kit it’s about finding something that works, a product or brand that I feel confident with. I get quite selective as probably everyone does, and Scott is now on that list.

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