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To Join Our Online Classes:
Send a quick email to: will@tireefitness.co.uk
and let us know which classes you'd like to join, or if you'd like more info.

Online Fitness Classes - on summer holidays till September

Zoom workouts have been AMAZING! Super effective, fun, friendly and you get the benefit of being part of a supportive group which is SO important through these days. Drop us message and we’ll send you info and joining details. Here’s what we've been doing:

Monday 9am – Cardio Leg Burner – Great for stamina, leg strength, running form and burning it up in this HIT Class – suitable for all abilities

Wednesday 9am – Full Body Circuit – Grab some dumbells, tins, bottles or whatever you have to hand, and join in with this total body workout

Thursday 6pm – Abs and Arms – you’ll need a set of dumbells, or improvise with whatever you can find!

Friday 9am – It’s the Weekend Shakedown – The top picks from the weeks workouts put together into a mega mashup

All classes are 30mins and you can take them at whatever pace you like. Classes will start up again in September.

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