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Online Fitness Classes - Starting 15th November 2021

Team Training sessions are about to commence 

This is your invite to take charge of your winter fitness and benefit from some Team Tiree magic.

Here's what you need to know:

Monday 9am - Run Strong - Aimed at runners and suitable for all - Increased leg strength, joint stability and running form.  It will be low impact but highly efficient. This is your key session for hitting your running targets.

Wednesday 9am - Base Power - The foundation of running form comes from the core, so this is a powerful workout centering on core stability and maximising muscle function. It will also cover the swimming exercises we did last year so it's a great session for those triathlon goals or OWS confidence 

Friday 9am - Full Balance - Hitting every muscle group and range of movement - Fluid movements and flowing across those trails - expect your coordination to be tested as you take on a range of functional exercises

Pre-recorded weekly Lift Set - Each week I'll give you a 30min weights session which you can do whenever you like - a set of dumbells, kettlebell, home made weights - whatever you have available - plus body weight exercises - you can fit this into your week however you like, and adapt the exercises to suit your ability. But I want to see progress through the month so get it done 

Member Pass: Get your 5-week member pass for £45 and that covers you for all the classes and gives you access to the Team Training group page and all the recorded workouts. Payable at the start of the block.

Send me a quick email to join the team.

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