Shipping forecast Tiree

It’s just starting to blow another gale outside. I managed 50 miles on the bike this morning before it got too windy. I’m in the gym later to do some weights to try and compensate for the lack of swimming out here. It’s the usual pre-season training woes when it’s starting to get close to the race season and suddenly I feel like I’ve not done enough. However, I know I’ve put the hours in throughout the winter and some of the sessions that would have been a killer are now just a regular feature. My friend Duncan said to me at the start of the winter, “just get the miles in and when it comes to Spring the speed will be there”. It does feel that way, and with a bit of form I hope the race fitness is going to emerge.

Back on Tiree – it’s only 3 weeks till the 10k & Half Marathon. For us here it is a beast of a day, especially working the bar at night. It is definitely one of the best weekends of the year though, there’s always a great atmosphere and spirit to the day which continues into the night, and Trail West are going to be on great form with the release of their first album this month. We’ve got good numbers entered so far and I know there’s a whole bunch of people coming over who are still to register – get it sorted! The distance markers arrived today and for the first time we’ll be putting out the 1-13 mile markers as well as the usual 10km signs. When you see the 13 mile mark you’re going to be on the beach, finish in sight, music playing, dancers dancing, ready to peg it to the line! Enjoy!

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