Slimmers: week 1

And they’re off! That’s it, Slimmers 2017 is underway. First class was tonight and we’re off to a flying start. 

  • Goals for the 8 week programme have been set
  • First set of measurements taken
  • Workout of the week committed to
  • Clean & Lean Eat Right Challenge has begun

This week we’ve started off with making just one change to our eating habits. But it’s that change that’s going to make all the difference – identifying the junk and cutting it out 100% It’s a change that’s small enough to be achievable, but big enough to make a difference.

Our workouts also started today based on Tabata training – this means you choose two exercises and work them back to back; 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 12 rounds.  We then choose another two exercises and do it again. This is super effective and very flexible so people can choose what they want to work on. We also added a 50 rep challenge to round things off.

The target is at least 20 minutes activity a day, everyday. Options are walk/run or workout at home.

We’re back on next week, and I know that everyone is going to have worked hard and seen progress already.

Awesome start everyone.

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