Slimmers: Week 2

AMAZING!!!! That’s a total of 23lbs lighter this week – great start team, be proud of yourselves.

This was after the first week of our Slimmers programme. Tonight we learnt a new workout, set a score for step ups, did the weights and measures, and took the next Clean & Lean Challenge. Every step counts, though doing step ups the night after Legs Bums Tums was perhaps not the wisest!

This weeks workout has gone circuit style: 1 minute on each exercise with 10 seconds to change. It’s 5 exercises and 3 times round, so set your timers to 15 rounds. The exercises were:

Step ups
Narrow squats
Knee drive
Touch down squat
As always, you can swap the exercises for something that works better for you. It should feel challenging, but not painful.
The challenge is to do 20 minutes workout every day. So decide now, commit to the challenge, and DO IT!!!

The Clean & Lean Eat Right Challenge: The commitment from last week continues; cut out the junk, stay hydrated.
This week we looked at healthy choices. So the challenge now is to keep a food diary for 7 days – recording everything! This means you have to think about every choice you make. Make a conscious decision to take the healthier option. Break the habits of junky food. Replace it with more exciting healthier options.
Next week you can look back at your food diary and see if what you’re eating matches the goals you’ve set yourself to achieve. You’re on your way, make this week count!

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