Summer Shape Up

Fitness classes with Will are back – “I’ve taken everything learnt from our Training Camps and all the hype about High Intensity Training and put this into 2 supercharged classes. We’ll make sure it’s suitable for different abilities, but whatever lever you’re at, you bring it, you work hard, and you’ll see results.”

SuperToned: Mondays 6pm – it’s not just Legs Bums and Tums, it’s now the whole body. High Intensity to get you in the best shape for the summer. This is a 1 hour class where you know you’ll work. And as an optional extra – this class will be followed by 30mins pure Netball. Work hard and play hard and get results.

Circuits: Thursdays 6pm – This class is a mix of everything; cardio, abs, legs and arms. But it’s done at your own pace as you go round the circuit. It’s another 1 hour class and it will make you stronger, fitter and give you an all over shape up.

SuperToned + Netball: 6pm, starts Monday 31st March, School Hall

Circuits: 6pm, starts Thursday 3rd April at the School Hall

Classes are £4 each. They will only run for a short time so come and get the best of it. Easter Holiday programme to be announced at the first class.

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