Sweat and tears on the Costa del Muscle

Last week Tiree residents and visitors turned out in force to take on the latest Team Tiree training challenge: a week long Boot Camp with sessions at 9:30am and 5:30pm every day, concluding with an olympic challenge at Sandaig’s outdoor training facility. Conditions were stunning all week, bright sunshine, views out to sea, basking sharks in sight…. a perfect week to hit new heights of fitness. Pure Cardio, Abs, running drills, bike skills, olympic challenge….. from primary school to senior citizen, a good job was done and the Costa del Muscle was conquered. Here’s a report on the final day from Rob:

“We arrived, last Friday, at the Olympic village in Sandaig to a Vellodrome, a stadium for track and field, and a new Olympic event, the octathelon.”

“We were teamed up in pairs to compete in its 8 elements.  The 1KM cycling pursuit, due to some very imaginative umpiring, was evenly challenged. The cross country sorted out the runners from the dawdlers. There was heavy grunting from weightlifting and shot putting. The 400 m hurdles showed some disturbing contrasts in style. Synchronized gymnastics, for some, failed to synchronize.”

“All in all competitive, successful and very enjoyable, but Chris Hoy and Usain Bolt don’t have to worry, too much, for their places at RIO 2016.”

Thanks everyone for making it an enjoyable week, I’m sure the tears were just because it was all over! However seeing as it went so well I’ll make sure we hit the Costa again sometime soon.

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