Team Tiree 2020

An update from the organisers

Hi everyone

From out on the windswept shores of Tiree, I wish all of you the very best as we move through these challenging times. I hope you’re all keeping well and healthy.

I’ll come straight to the point, we are in a position like many others where we have no choice but to cancel the event on Tiree scheduled for May this year. For many of you this will be the least of your concerns, as small businesses as well as large companies are facing very hard times, and the health of family and friends makes this a worrying time for many. I am also aware just how disappointed many of you will be, and yet I’m sure you will understand this has been a hard but inevitable decision that has had to be made.

However, I strongly believe that as runners we are used to tough times and know we can be positive in the face of difficulty. We’ve been running events on Tiree for 14 years; Tiree is a special place and it brings out something special in everyone who braves that start line. For 14 years we’ve had days of sunshine and days of rain, we’ve had headwinds and we’ve had proper Tiree headwinds! Never has it stopped you. So I know we can turn this into something positive and not be beaten. We’d like to offer an alternative event on the 2nd May, and we want you to get on board with this and make it special. Tiree style! 

So on the 2nd May at 2pm [update: the date is now TBC, but will be as soon as is appropriate with movement restrictions respected], whether you’re in your local park, or on your treadmill, up in the hills, or on the beach; wherever you are, start your watches and conquer your chosen 10k or half marathon route. You may be on your own, social isolation may be making us geographically distant, but running has bought all of us together in more ways than simply occupying the same point in space. As the organisers of this event, we’ll be on a start line too, and we’ll see you at the finish wherever that is.

So here’s how it works:

  • Choose your route and tell us about it on social media
  • Wear your favourite Tiree T-shirt, or decorate your own
  • Download the playlist for the start line
  • Share your stories and photos and be part of Team Tiree 2020 wherever you are

There will be spot prizes for those who show the Tiree running spirit; through your story, the route you choose, the photos you capture. Whatever you can do, go do it!

We’ll be teaming up with local businesses on Tiree to offer you some great prizes and discounts, and you’ll get super kudos for all your efforts. For every runner taking part we’ll make a donation to Glasgow City Mission, helping the homeless in Glasgow. This is our chosen charity partner and their work is vital in these challenging times.

Let’s make Tiree 10k & Half Marathon 2020 something brilliantly different. Join the team and let’s enjoy running together wherever you are.

More details will follow, we’ve got loads more ideas already, and we really hope to have you in the team.

If you’re up for this that’s fantastic, we can’t wait to see you on your start line.

Other details below and we’ll post more on the event website in the coming days:

  • Governing body advice is that all ‘face-to-face’ sport activity is suspended, so group runs should not be organised, this is a solo run and strictly not a race meet up or group event, so please follow government advice as you plan your run
  • You’re running on your own so stay safe – you are responsible for your own safety so don’t do anything daft
  • And of course, in everything you do please follow government health warnings and follow all recommendations for travel and social distancing and all the good practice advice that is readily available to maintain your health and the health of the nation

See you on the (virtual) beach!

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