There’s been an incident

100km running and 400km on the bike – a fantastic week of training in Mallorca with Summit Fitness and White Rock Runners.

This is a training camp we do each year, mixing trail running, road biking, strength & conditioning and swimming. Mallorca is made for this – gorgeous seafront, mountains, bike friendly, smooth tarmac, dry trails, and a carton of vino tinto for 60 cents. Stand up on the pedals and take it in, this is a brilliant place to train.

We just had 7 days there, with a group who all raised their game, and eventually their glasses, and achieved levels of training that pushed their ability to new levels – in the hills, through the mileage, in the sea and by simply making it through a tough schedule for 7 days.

The highs and lows: highs were getting people on the bike and up into the mountains, Sa Colobra was a big day, and the Lighthouse ride makes a great challenge. Swimming in clear waters with fish all around, and no wetsuits required was a definite plus.

The lows – well the incident with the microwave seemed to take the edge off the healthy eating start to the week, and certainly by the end it was game on with cakes and coffee, so it wasnt all bad news. The only real low for me was missing having the family there, that was it, otherwise a cracking time in Puerto Pollensa, and looking forward to next year’s adventure already.


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