Tiree 10k & Half Marathon times

Hi everyone

Here’s the draft times for yesterdays event. I’ve just put these together by hand so apologies if there’s any mistakes – but do let me know so I can make any corrections.

I will of course write some words about how the event went, and just how grateful I am to everyone who took part or helped on the day, and how satisfying it is to see the event develop and actually be one of the most special days on Tiree. But for now here’s the times for you, as lots of you have been asking for them!

Quick request: Anyone with photos from yesterday can you share them on the Tiree Fitness facebook page or send me them in a dropbox folder. There’s so much of the event that I didn’t see, and I’m sure everyone would love to see any crazy shots or beautiful pictures you’ve got. So find us on facebook, like our page and share some snaps!

Thanks everyone

Tiree 10k Results 2014

Tiree Half Marathon Results2014


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