Tiree 5km challenge: the story so far

So far I’ve got times from 11 people, I know there’s more of you who have done this so can you let me know how you got on. It’s time for round 2 as we come towards the end of February so put your trainers back on and head out the door. Fortunately the weather has been stunning recently with plenty of rain and wind to keep us refreshed so no excuses please.

This weekend, Sunday 4th March at 3pm we will do another 5km route. As usual you can actually do this whenever you want and arrange your own groups if you like, Sunday afternoon is there if you want to join in with us, you’re very welcome.

The route: Sandaig – from the Gym run towards Heylipol Chruch. Turn around at the Loch just before the church and run back to the gym. Do 20 press ups if you dont improve your time.

The course is now open for business so get to it!

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