Tiree Triathlon Round 2 Results

Round 2 of what appears to be the fastest growing sport on Tiree; we had perfect racing conditions again with the sun shining and just a light breeze to keep the triathletes cool. And again we had a range of tactics in play ranging from an early turnaround on the swim to doing the run in sandals. Well done to all the triathletes. Thanks to Joe and Jackie for doing the timing and thanks Anne for bringing all the food. So the results for round 2 are:

Name Swim Bike Run Total
Will 00:15:42 00:23:43 00:19:03 00:58:28
Toby 00:21:09 00:34:41 00:31:25 01:27:15
Anne 00:35:00 00:41:00 00:29:14 01:45:14
Kate 00:23:33 00:41:27 00:00:00 01:05:00
Rob T 00:16:00 00:36:00 00:18:37 01:10:37
Bella 00:27:33 00:40:27 00:13:35 01:21:35
Robert 00:33:46 00:39:14 00:11:15 01:24:15

Next event will be in a couple of weeks time, provisionally 2nd September but we’ll wait to see what the forecast is doing. Lets make this 3rd triathlon really special and get loads of people along; spread the word, and get training!

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