Training in France

Amazing descent from Col de Braus to L'Escarene

We’re just back from Nice in France. Great place to go on holiday, we were fortunate to be able to spend 2 weeks there. The sea was warm so swimming without a wetsuit was a welcome change, perfect set up for swimming and calm clear waters stretching for miles along the coast. But the cycling was more what it was about, as a venue for a training holiday I would recommend it. Once out of town the hills really start and there’s plenty of mountain passes 1,000m plus with some good descending on smooth dry roads. The climate in October was perfect, low 20s most of the time. Plenty of villages to stop for a coffee and the roads were quiet with a few other cyclists about. Loads of options for short and long days, I did two 100mile rides and two 50’s and certainly the most climbing I’ve ever done. On each of the longer rides the last 10miles were a blast along the valley floor back to the coast which was a welcome finish to the day.

The mountain village of Contes

We stayed in the Old Town in Nice which was full of cafes and restaurants, great atmosphere and very lively. It was a good trip, but now we are back so work begins…

Cycling through some gorges

The gym is open, circuits start this Thursday and we should have a good few weeks of fitness training before Christmas. If you’re new to this then now is a great time to get on the road to a fitter and healthier you – dont be a turkey this christmas, come to the gym, come to circuits, join the Team and get in the best shape of your life.

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