Travel & Accommodation

Getting to Tiree

You can travel by ferry from Oban or plane from Glasgow, but either way it’s a weekend trip as you’ll need to arrive on Saturday. The run takes place on Sunday, and the next flight/ferry back is on Monday. So two nights, but it’s well worth it!

For getting around Tiree the best option is to either bring a bike, or hire a bike from us – £20 gets you a bike delivered to pier/airport/accommodation and you have that Saturday to Monday. Limited number available so book early – email Tiree Fitness.

Alternatively there’s a Ring n Ride bus service – phone 01879 220 419 to book your journey, there’s further details and a full list of options on the community website.


A full list of accommodation is available on the Tiree Community website. You’ll find details of all property on Tiree, as well as location maps and contact details.

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