Weekend warriors

A small island out in the Atlantic; a cold blustery January Saturday morning 9:30am and a few hardy local residents turn up for Boot Camp. Half an hour running outside followed by some circuits in the community hall. Braving the weather was also the new recruits for Junior Boot Camp. Well done everyone for a really great workout, it was good to see such a range of ages all enjoying being active on Tiree.

Later on the same day we did a 5km run along the reef; this is the first in a regular end of the month challenge leading up to the Tiree 10k in May. Well done Andrew, Becky, Anne and Fiona for rising to the challenge despite grim conditions. Personally I enjoyed the hot chocolate whilst doing the ‘timings’ from the car.

Saturday night was Indian night with some amazing food and a quiz organized by the tapestry group. A great evening and thank you to all involved in putting that together.

And lastly, I failed to get any photos of the above activities, so here is my best effort at inspiring you to eat healthily. This is Ironman food, quite literally. A steak, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and in case that wasnt Iron rich enough it was washed down with a glass of Guinness. I challenge anyone to beat that.

Have a great week of training everyone. Remember, you’ve got till friday to register your 5k. Get to it!

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