Winter Fitness – 5 ways to get going and keep going

Winter is definitely here, and if you’re someone who struggles to get going in these darker days, here to help you are 5 good ways to get fit this winter on Tiree:

1. Go to a class

Everyone works harder when they’re in a class, and it really doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Here on Tiree there’s lots to chose from -Cyclone, Hooley, Pilates, Legs Bums Tums, Circuits – so with long winter nights upon us, your best option is to sweat it out at one of these great classes. See what’s on here

2. Eat clean – Eat green

Ditch the refined/processed/sugar laden junk, and base your meals on real 6a00e55015ee528833019b00f6c085970dfood. It’s up to you what you eat, but undermining your workouts with poor nutrition seems a waste of time. Enjoy real food, enjoy new recipes, and say hello to a world of health benefits. A good Tiree growable food that’s in fashion right now is Kale. It’s easy to grow, easy to prepare, easy to add to other meals, and super nutritious1. Lightly sautéing it makes kale more digestible and tasty whilst retaining all the nutrients

3. Lift weights

You’ve done the cardio, your eating has improved – the best thing you can add is some resistance training. Whether this is weights, bands, bars or body weight – if you do it properly, resistance training has a whole load of benefits as well as helping you get in shape and burn fat2. You can improve posture, flexibility, range of movement, Studio_Dumbells_Neoprene_2kg_Studio_Dumbells_Neoprenecoordination, control and confidence. But do it properly. Book in for a gym session to get started

4. Buddy up

Numerous studies show that people are more likely to stick with an exercise programme if they have a network of support3. So buddy up, become accountable to someone other than yourself – you’ll keep each other on track, and you’re both much more likely to succeed.

5. Get some fresh air

We have an abundance of fresh air on Tiree! Normally rushing toward us at 50mph! But we know it’s good for us, and the daylight is in such short supply you should grab it while you can. Winter walking is a good way of exercising; the added resistance of the wind, the cold air, the extra clothing – all this adds up to more calories burned, and a great feel-good factor.

IMG_3196 copy

Winter is a great time for getting down into a routine, and committing to improving your fitness. Join everyone else at the classes, in the gym, or just out and about in the fresh air. The dark nights and short days wont seem half as bad if you do. Happy Training!

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(2): URMC Lift Your Way to Weight Loss

(3):Trost, S.G., et al. 2002. Correlates of adults’ participation in physical activity: Review and update. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 34 (12), 1996–2001.

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