New classes starting for winter

Get in shape the guaranteed way – working out hard and eating clean – classes coming up on Tiree with Legs Bums and Tums on Mondays and Circuits on Thursdays. Both classes are 6pm at the school and start 27th Oct. All abilities welcome. Whatever level you’re at, you know that if you stick with it you’ll be in a much better place, and much better shape in 8 weeks time. Sign up, commit, and achieve.

Contact us at Tiree Fitness if you want to get on board with an 8 week programme.workout-music-2013


Tiree Ultramarathon: The very first

8am start at Sandaig
8am start at Sandaig

Well it’s taken me a week to get this report out, and I’ve needed that time just to let sink in what an amazing weekend it was. This is an event that has been brewing for a few years now, but it wasn’t till about June this year that I decided to just get on and do it. And so the last few months have been spent pulling an event together. Thanks to the help and enthusiasm of every single person involved in the event, the Tiree Ultramarathon on 7th September proved to be well worth the effort. We wanted people to enjoy the course, get to the finish safely, and to experience what makes Tiree so special – I think everyone went home with all boxes ticked.

069So, apart from raving relentlessly about how cool it was to get people running 35 miles round the coastline of Tiree, what else is there to say? Well firstly, the decision to do it all again next year has been pretty much made for me. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. Looks like we’re on! 6th September next year. Without changing too much, we hope to deliver another event that includes everything that made this one so special. Although I cant guarantee otters on the beach, and pure sunshine is only 90% likely – I can guarantee there will be beaches, beer at the finish, lots of support, and 35 s(miles)!

IMG_0731Peter’s report puts across what to expect better than I ever could – well worth a read — 

Also – another congratulations to our course record holders – Tom Smith and Lucy Colquhoun. Their trophy cabinets now re-stocked with some impressive Tiree Glass, and their records are there for challenging next year. I will arrange some special prizes for any new course records, and once again the Best Trousers prize will be up for grabs, I will arrange something appropriate.

IMG_1894And while I’m on the congratulations – just remembering that out of everyone that started the day, 100% made it to the finish – so that’s job well done to all the runners, marshals, supporters and everyone on standby should anyone get into difficulty. If you didn’t make the event this year, and you’re considering your first ultra – be encouraged that this is doable, you’ll be given the best chance of success, the best scenery to distract you, and we will do whatever we can to get you to that finish line.

And just to prove it – the unofficial video from the ladies in pink :) 

Anita was raising funds for CDH UK and you can still donate here – 

108So one last thank you to everyone who made the first Tiree Ultramarathon an event to remember – 35 miles, 45 runners, some otters, lots of beaches, marshals, supporters, sponsors, fundraisers, the people of Tiree, and quite simply – everyone who made it to the finish. We hope to see you on Tiree again soon.



New sponsor for Tiree Ultramarathon

We’re excited to report a new sponsor for the Tiree Ultramarathon – Cohesion Medical was established to deliver world-class software for Specialist Medical Clinics – and they’ve chosen to sponsor the Tiree Ultramarathon through their teams interest in the challenge of an endurance event, and the uniqueness of Tiree : 

“Woohoo! Cohesion Medical is delighted to sponsor the first ever Tiree Ultramarathon. We love the boldness and uniqueness of an event that encompasses the whole of an island. We love the challenges faced by competitors, the sense of adventure in the many natural elements involved and the determination required to conquer and complete the event. Cohesion Medical is proud to be involved with the Tiree Ultramarathon – to inspire individuals, empower communities, and promote a healthier Scotland.” – Euan Cameron, Managing Director, Cohesion Medical Ltd.

We’re really pleased to have Cohesion Medical on board, and their input will make the event even more special – if you’ve not entered yet, Enter Here. See you in September!

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