Hello! We're springing into a new season and Tiree is looking simply gorgeous!!

Hawaii of the North - it's the perfect place to find peace, beach vibes, surf, swim, cycle or just hang out.

And it's an amazing place to feel part of a community. So this is a call out for anyone who hears the call of the islands! And is also willing to pitch in and get involved.

I've got a really nice campervan and a bunch of projects around the garden/house that could do with some help - veggie patch, raised beds, house painting, all those things I'll never get round to finishing... I also have spare bikes, surf board, paddleboard.....

So putting all that together to offer a workaway or surfaway kind of holiday - campervan accommodation provided  in return for a few hours work each day. For a few days, a week - whatever works.

To be honest this is an idea that's been rattling around for a while. It feels a little half baked but sometimes you just have to go for it. Building community through the events has been such a fulfilling part of my work - and I feel so grateful to be living in a place like Tiree and having the plentitude of beautiful landscape and community around me - I've never considered these things mine to own, but to offer what I can and allow others to enjoy this space....

So have a look around the website if you're new here and do feel free to ask questions. During the summer I'm mostly busy with bike hire, and I do beach fitness classes specialising in running fitness and yoga. So any interests or expertise you can add to the mix I'm always keen to expand.

Tiree really is an awesome place in the summer, and maybe having a purpose and some creative outdoor work focus might make for something unique. Let me know if that sounds fun. Drop me a message and we can see how that might work.

Contact Will using the details at the bottom of the page. Or via Facebook or Instagram