Meeting Will was the ‘silver lining’ of a back injury I suffered on Tiree.  I had arrived full of energy to be active and get fit, and within a few days was unable to do very much at all.  I asked Will for sports injury treatment, which in itself was enough to get me out and moving again quite quickly.  However the best and most unexpected part was Will’s expertise as a personal trainer.  In a handful of sessions he taught me a routine of core strength exercises to protect my back in the longer term, and I quickly found myself exceeding my own expectations about what I could achieve and sustain.  And I had a brilliant time in the process!”

“Will does what it says on his tin.  He knows his stuff, makes you feel as though you’re his only client, and is passionate about what he does. My experience with him has changed how I think about fitness, and I have learned the value of combining enthusiasm and fun with skilled support, patience and discipline for the longer term.  I recommend him unreservedly.”

Helen Ross – Organisational Development Consultant

Training Camps

“This was the most amazing 5 days of training – beautiful island, lovely weather, superb fitness sessions, great group. Thanks to Will for inspiring us and helping us to focus our goals,  for keeping us going and always smiling, Bella because we will always now remember “shoulders down the back, head up, abs engaged”, Jo for the chocolate, Claire for the massage, they Hynish team for looking after us so well, all the locals for the lovely warm fires, coffee and chocolate cake, everyone at Boot Camp for making us welcome, and of course, little Maurice for making us smile. We’ll be back!” – Carol Jones

IMG_3196 copy

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the weekend and to thank you and all the team for your hard work. It’s inspired me to push on to another level and given me so many more ideas and variety to my training sessions.

If you’re getting bored and fed up with long hours in the gym and endless fitness classes a Tiree Fitness Training Camp will inspire and open up a whole new world of training ideas. I’ve come home from Tiree stronger, fitter and lifted to a whole new level of training. You’ll be pushed, encouraged and surprised by your own ability by a great team no matter what fitness level you’re at.” – David Allaway

“When it was first suggested to me that I attend a Tiree Fitness training camp I said NO.  I had many concerns about my personal fitness and imagined that everyone else at the camp would be an Olympic hopeful and that I would be left out of everything thus becoming embarrassed and humiliated.  Put simply, I was wrong.  From getting off the ferry to start the camp to getting back on it at the end of camp I was totally included in all activities and appreciated for the input and experience I was able to bring.   I am not a natural runner but my instructors drew out of me the realization that not only could I run but also I could make a not bad job of it.  This was one result I was surprised and delighted at.  I am not a great cyclist yet the mountain bikes and activities we used them for showed me that I could ride and use these tools to great effect.  The gym, interval training and exercise sessions (Pilates and Stretching) encouraged me to extend and develop the skills I had in these areas.  There is no doubt the camp gave me many new practical skills and the confidence to try and develop these.  Finally the camp left me feeling really positive about myself.  I had jumped a few mental hurdles and came out smiling.  If you do nothing else go to the next Tiree Fitness camp!”Charlie Jones

Bike Hire

“Awesome holiday on Tiree, bikes were amazing, great service - we're already booking again for next year”

“We used Tiree bike hire for the Music Festival – great way of getting round the island between bands.”

“We had bikes delivered to our Tiree accommodation, fantastic, and no need for bike locks – love Tiree”

“Fantastic bike hire, thanks for all your help”