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Tiree Fitness founder:  

Will Wright

Hi I’m Will and welcome to Tiree Fitness. I’ve lived here since 2003 when I came here on a surfing trip and never left. If you see Tiree on a sunny day you'll understand how that could happen!

Tiree Fitness started in 2006 with a little training studio, my first gym clients, and a few classes in the community hall. Those clients are now good friends, and the Tiree Fitness community has grown into the thousands with events and training camps bringing new adventurers to these island shores. It's been an awesome journey.

Tiree is such a beautiful place you can't help but get drawn towards the natural yet fragile environment. The simplicity of running, the delight of the open water, and the joy to be found along the open shoreline - it's a wonderful place.

Qualifications: Premier Diploma in Personal Training, BSc Physics, REPS Level 3, Sports Massage Therapist, Kettlebell Instructor, Triathlon Coach, Advanced Windsurf Instructor, Sports Nutrition, Circuit Training, Exercise to Music and Core Stability.

Experience: 15 years Personal Training, 10 years of racing triathlon, Pro athlete at ironman distance. Still scared of jellyfish.

Meet The Team

Our instructors have a range of different qualifications and backgrounds; each member of the team brings their own experience, method of coaching and personality to the activities.


Bella is a qualified gym instructor with a wealth of experience in the Pilates method and movement based flexibility. Before she came to Tiree she was a professional animation artist, so has a keen eye for detail and for observing movement patterns. Bella’s classes are amazing for stretching as well as challenging the whole body. You’ll love her Pilates on the Beach classes – soothing yet challenging and leaves you feeling blissful.


David travels over from Iona and brings with him a vast array of knowledge about pretty much everything island related. He’s a super strong runner and has done every training camp we’ve hosted on Tiree. David runs his own business guiding walks around Iona so he’s a fascinating guy to listen to. He’s also got a talent for painting and photography – you can check out his work on his Etsy shop here.


The original Tiree Polar Bear – Louise set up this open water swimming group and has now completed several seasons of year round swimming on Tiree. Louise is an inspiration for enjoying wild swimming and can help introduce you to getting into the cold water as well as finding the best places to swim. She’s also involved in marine wildlife rescue, so if you like seal pups, dolphins and creatures of the sea she’s a great person to hang out with.


Previously a science teacher, Peter's journey is now along the shore. With him you’ll be introduced to a story that has been billions of years in the making. Geology with Peter is fascinating. It’s a pleasure to be in his company and learn fresh insights about the world around us. He’s a talented artist as well and he'll help you connect with the landscape through creativity. Lighthouse keeper, fisherman, lifeboat crew – he’s got plenty of tales of west coast adventure to share with you!

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"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the weekend and to thank you and all the team for your hard work. It’s inspired me to push on to another level and given me so many more ideas and variety to my training sessions."
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“We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the weekend so amazing, the island, the route, the marshals, the fellow runners……. It was all just perfect. We couldn’t have had a better weekend, and now we are just a bit sad it is over……. till next year anyway!!”
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“We had our bikes delivered to our holiday cottage - fantastic service, and no need for bike locks! – Love Tiree”
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